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Dear Reader, this howto hasn't been updated since 2006 and has some parts which are missing. You may end up installing a non-working postfix but I believe it can help you to guide through the installation steps if you know what you are doing:)

I have seen that many people have some problems to configure Postfix in a virtual environment. I was one of them when I wanted to keep users in a database instead of /etc/passwd file. I had little knowledge about Postfix then I have decided to read documents on page. Those documents helped me a lot but if you have little knowledge about postfix and the way how it works, you may have problems to configure it. Then I started to write my own document to help me in my future installations.Because if you don't write all of these steps to configure postfix, it can be so hard to construct a virtual environment in your next installation.

Then I realized that, I also need a managament software. First I have written some perl scripts to add,remove users and domains but then I understood that it is not a good way. Finally I have decided to write my own web management software which is finally named as Postfix Manager. It was really simple in its 0.1 version and with full of bugs and it had a bad interface. Because I am not a web designer, I really have difficulties to design a good interface for Postfix Manager that is why, I really would like to get help from people who would like to contribute (design, code , bug reports etc) to Postfix Manager

After some work on the software, another idea came into my mind (in fact it was due to some needs:) I said that I shoud write a management software to configure spam filter so that individual users can use their own spam preferences. Then I have read related documents on amavis page to keep spamassassin information in MySQL. After a few test I have found the way to integrate those two in MySQL. When the base functionality is okay, I have written the fronthand Amavis Manager software. Now any user can enable or disable antivirus or spamassassin and modify specific settings.

The third software that I would like write is a part of Postfix Manager. Postfix Manager just manages users,domains and some rules on postfix. Any domain owner will be able to manage his own domain with the new Postfix Manager client in a near future...

In my previous installation document, BIND,Apache and MySQL installations were also included. I thought that I must split their installation and configuration to make the original postfix document cleaner. Because, for a mail system administration, DNS and MySQL are the main components , I didn't remove those sections and I share my knowledge about them on left side.

For installation instructions of Postfix Virtual system use the Postfix Virtual Installation menu on the left side.

For INSTALLATION please follow 1) Postfix Virtual Installation -> 2) Postfix Configuration and ->3) Antivirus Configuration


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